Our Process


Our Process

An involved process differentiates our service. The moment a patient visits MOBILIS, we ensure that every stage of our patient journey remains safe and smooth. We understand that our customers not only need the products, but also after care. We know that no individuals are the same nor are their requirements. Therefore, we give personalized attention to craft programs that fit the needs of each customer. Transparency is part of our culture and we communicate every development in the process to inspire confidence.

Assesment mobilis

1. Clinical Assessment.

The first meeting with one of our licensed Prosthetic and Orthotic clinician is important to do a detailed clinical assessment to have an understanding about the diagnosis by your treating clinician, severity of the deformity and set a GOAL. This session take approximately 30 to 60 Minutes depends on your medical condition.

mobilis Report

2. Generating a report and quotation

An assessment report is prepared by our clinician with a Treatment plan. the report will be sending to the Treating Physician [upon physician’s request] and to the patient/patient’s parent. A quotation is sent along with the Medical report. The price costing is based on several factors like Components used, Complication of production, Number of follow ups and Growth adjustments etc.,

Our General pricing policy as follows

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3.Purchase Order/ Payment

We request our customers to pay 70% advance payment before we start manufacturing the device. Balance 30% payment to be done during the final fitting. The payment plan will be detailed in the quotation.

mobilis Casting

4.Measurement/ Digital scanning

MOBILIS use the most advanced 3D scanning available in the industry for the measurements. This will make sure the perfect measurement and fitting of the product. We also use traditional casting techniques if the condition demands.

mobilis Manufacturing


The manufacturing process will be started immediately after the measurements. The 3D model later is rectified and the clinician design the product, then send for robotic carving. Each process flow will have quality check in every step to make sure error free final product.

Pre-fitting mobilis

6. Trial Fitting

Any custom manufactured device from MOBILIS needed a trial fitting before we make the finishing works. for the troubleshooting if any. This will make sure a best fitting possible.in some cases even a second trial fitting is needed. Most of the time we make a test device, An approximate time frame will be communicated for the first trail fitting during the measurement session.

mobilis Final Fitting

7.Final Fitting and Training

The final fitting of the device done one the MOBILIS clinician is 100% satisfied with the Outcome to achieve the targeted goal. A training will take part of the final fitting to educate on how to use the device, how to take care the product and when to report incase if any discomfort. Patient has to visit the treating physician after the final fitting.

Follow up mobilis

8. Follow UP

A follow up schedule will be recommended by MOBILIS clinician. The period will be decided by MOBILIS clinician according to the treating medical condition. Its important to attend the initial follow up appointment to make sure no further adjustment/correction needed.

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