At Mobilis, we transform traditional handcrafting workflows to the next level, by bringing together new multidisciplinary ideas and methods in computation, industrial technology, engineering, digital design and arts to enhance operational readiness and reduce total cost.

Mobilis is a custom on-demand manufacturer and distributor with superior quality, leading-edge products for assistive technology, services and highly professional operational procedures. Our orthotic and prosthetic services provide individualised and specialised assistive solutions and opportunities. Based on our patient’s conditions and focusing on the best clinical outcomes to optimise and improve the daily activities, community integration and rehabilitation goals of the person served.

We work diligently to sustain our passion for serving our patients by providing the highest level of care, customised innovative solutions and support. Our goal is to exceed expectations and consistently provide optimal outcomes and continous improvement. We serve all age groups – pediatric and adults who are medically stable for clinical consultation and assessment, casting, fitting, follow up and adjustments.

Our Mission is to provide our customers with appropriate high quality assistive devices, to maximise their quality of life and exceeding expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and active customer interaction

Sofyen Tebbi & Makram Tebbi German Certified Prosthetic & Orthotic Clinical Specialists

Our Products

Mobilis products are designed with the finest selection of modern materials, under strictest advanced operating standards and according to our customer needs. We are also committed to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 regulations, best (and) evidence based practice are incorporated and robust and efficient processes are continually developed, followed and improved.

Our Services

Our quality mission is to assure that services and medical device products are manufactured, tested and released to meet the highest standards for quality, safety, reliability and durability. We facilitate innovation, using the latest technology to add value to our patient’s life and our organisation.

We want to serve our community; patients, doctors, professional associates, and employees in the highest ethical manner with respect, courtesy, dignity, compassion, transparency and consistency. Mobilis provides assessment and intervention for persons with a variety of body structure impairments, co-morbidities and disabilities.

  • Individualised patient or Interdisciplinary patient evaluation or assessment
  • Orthotic, prosthetic and mobility equipment consultation
  • Fitting, adjustments and follow up clinics
  • Interdisciplinary pre-and post-surgery device assessment, clinics and consultation
  • Comprehensive custom fabricated orthotic, prosthetic and seating device portfolio
  • Individual manufacturing services
  • Assistive technology that support therapy and improve gait training, balance and overall environment perception
  • Follow-up repair, maintenance services and “after delivery service” to promote durability of outcomes
  • Comprehensive education for patient and family regarding adaptation of daily activities using the orthosis, prosthesis or any assistive device.

Other inter-disciplinary
services and programs

  • Pediatric orthotic and
    prosthetic programs
  • Comprehensive adult orthotic
    and prosthetic programs
  • Seating and positioning programs
  • Modification; special
  • Spinal orthotics
  • Foot orthotics

Hours of operation

Regular business hours of
operation are daily from

Sun - Thu between 8am - 6pm

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